Ian Barber Photography

I specialise in making black and white photographs. I often get asked “why black and white” when we see colour everywhere we look. My interest in black and white photography stems from my childhood days when most of the magazines and tv films were in black and white. Black and white photography I believe is a way of expressing mood by using shapes, form and tone rather than focusing on saturated colours. My photography is all about my own personal vision of the subjects which lie before me. One of the first steps in my process is to try and visualise how the final print will look based on my own interoperation of the scene.

Ian has taught me so much about black and white photography. He has shown me how to pre visualise a scene with black and white in mind and how to use Photoshop to create stunning image which I am proud to put my name to. K. Foster

Just had an interesting 2 hour chat with  Ian Barber regarding printing images, that bloke knows his stuff, anyone with any problems concerning the printing of your work / paper types etc get in touch with Ian, nice bloke. Brian. W