After recently acquiring the Epson Fluid Mount Accessory from eBay at a very good price, I decided to wet scan one of my 12o 6x4.5 negatives and compare the difference from the Better scanning Holder.

My first call was to locate some of the special fluid and mylar sheets specifically designed for this purpose. After trawling the internet, I did manage to find a UK based company (Surrey Inkjet Company) that sells all the components individually as as a kit. In the end a friend of mine, Martin Henson agreed to send me some mylar sheets and a small bottle of fluid to try.

The whole process of mounting and applying the scanning fluid is very straight forward. I followed the instructions which came with the holder.

The following are the results from the test scan showing both the Better Scanning Holder, Wet Scanning and 100% crop views.

Results from the Better Scanning Holder @ 3200ppi

Results from the Wet Scanning @ 3200ppi

Results from the Better Scanning Holder 100% crop

Results from the Better Wet Scanning 100% crop

I appreciate that looking on a screen may be hard to see but looking at them in Photoshop does show that the Wet Scan is slightly sharper and has better tones. I say slightly because in all honesty, the difference does not jump out at you. Having said that, for images which I printing, I will certainly perform a wet scan.