Single Image Or Projects

Should we be focusing on a body of work

I have been fighting with question for some time, even more so since I moved over into Medium Format Film Photography.

I hear and read it so many times that a photograph should tell a story, be able to hold the viewers attention. For a documentary type of photograph, maybe the first part is true, maybe it should be able to convey a story but I am not so sure whether that holds true in all genres. However, I do believe that the photograph should hold the viewers attention.

Back to the opening question though, “should we be focusing on a body of work?”.

The question I am trying to ask myself is, should we start to push our creativity more and become more strict in what we photograph, rather than just make photographs for the sake of it.

Should we start to become more focussed on producing a body of work. I use the term body of work to describe a series of photographs of a similar subject matter, some may be more familiar with the term Mini Projects.

Always interested to hear your thoughts and comments about whether a single image is just as strong as a series of images of a similar subject matter.