About Ian Barber

I currently reside in Doncaster which lies approximately 200 miles north of London in the UK. I have been learning the art and craft of photography for many years and the majority of my personal work and projects are in Black and White.

My Photography Journey
Started many years ago during a trip to the Grand Canyon in the USA. Seeing this grand vista made me realise that I wanted to be able to capture moments in time through the aid of a still photograph.

My Photography Process
I use digital and analog film cameras to make the initial exposure. The post processing of the digital photographs are performed with Adobe Photoshop.

I develop all my black and white film photography with traditional darkroom chemistry. Each negative is individually scanned and outputted as a digital print on archival fine art photographic paper or printed as a silver gelatine print in the darkroom

Black and White Printing
I have dedicated years to mastering the art of printing black and white photographs using Epson printers and a variety of fine art papers.

Why Black And White?
We see and live in a world of colour. That’s how we’ve evolved, and it’s the world that we know. Naturally, people seem to gravitate to colour photography. I think black and white is timeless, but more than that, it transcends reality and transforms an image into a realm that isn’t abstraction, but isn’t reality either.

No Colour Work ?
Although the majority of my personal photography projects revolve around black and white, on the odd occasion I do create colour photographs with my Nikon D3s digital SLR camera.

If you have any questions or need to contact me, I am happy to answer any questions. You may contact me by using the contact form.

Ian Barber
This website is about my personal photographic journey as I explore traditional film and digital photography.

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