Shadow Highlight Clipping

Photoshop Shadow Highlight Clipping The Shadow Highlight Clipping Plugin is one of the first Photoshop UXP plugins I have created to work with Photoshop 2021 and above and is compatible with both Windows and MAC. What Does It Do The Shadow Highlight Clipping Plugin creates a new layer group which sits at the top of …

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Capture One Profile

What Is The Capture One Simulation Profile The Capture One Simulation Profile is a profile which can be applied to RAW files in both Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW. Should I Use The Capture One Simulation Profile In a recent forum post on the Digital Monochrome Forum, a discussion was taking place about Adobe and …

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Photoshop Dodge And Burn

The Photoshop dodge and Burn extension panel uses a different approach to dodging and burning in Photoshop by using the History Brush states and brush.

Photoshop Orton Effect

FREE Photoshop Orton Effect What is the Orton Effect The Orton Effect is a technique that was developed by Michael Orton in the 1980s and even today is one of the most liked technique which is used when post processing photographs in Photoshop, especially landscapes. Michael Orton originally created the effect to imitate watercolour paintings. …

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Luminosity Blend Mode

When it comes to increasing or decreasing contrast within an image in Photoshop, the first tool I head for is Curves. I find that using the Curves tool in Photoshop allows me very fine control as I can place many point along the curve and manipulate them in any way I like. One thing to …

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