Digital Zone System Gradient Photoshop Panel

Working with black and white images requires us to move or remap tones within an image to suit our artistic vision. Unlike colour images, when we are editing grey scale images, we need to be aware of the tonal transitions which occur throughout the entire tonal range of the photograph.

We can manipulate or remap these tones with a variety of tools inside Photoshop, such as curves, levels, dodge and burn. There is no rule which says, you must use this particular tool to reach your goal. Having said that, it is important to understand what effect the tools which you choose can play on the image.

Digital Zone SystemDigital Zone System
Photoshop Panel

The Digital Zone System Photoshop Gradient Photoshop Panel is for those who are serious about their black and white editing will probably have heard of the Zone System and how the Zone System can contribute towards producing good black and white photographs.

Although the Zone System was primarily designed for analog film, there is no reason why certain aspects of can cannot be used in the digital world. 

Putting the Zone System into practice during the editing stage can also be beneficial as it allows you to essentially remap tones to where you want them to go either globally or selectively through masking.

The Zone Gradient is an extension panel which is designed to be used as a visual reference as it shows both the Lightness values in RGB and Grey Scale percentages and also the corresponding zones for a particular shade of grey. 

When the Zone Gradient panel is used used in conjunction with the Photoshop Info Panel, we can very quickly place anchor points anywhere on the image and then see the values of the tones beneath the curser.

With this information, we can then use the Zone Gradient panel to visually inform us of what particular zone the anchor point falls into.

By using a curves adjustment layer for example, we can manipulate or effectively, remap that tone to any zone of our choice. As we are working in a linear fashion, all other adjacent tones are also going to get remapped but we can easily overcome that by masking out the curves adjustment and then painting back in the effect with a soft white brush.

I use this on a daily basis and find it to be a handy addition to my workflow.

The Digital Zone Gradient Panel is compatible with

  • Photoshop CC and above
  • Windows and Mac operating systems.

Used in conjunction with my Photoshop Dodge and Burn panel, this makes the editing process of black and white photographs easier and more intuative.

Digital Zone System Gradient Panel Overview

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Digital Zone System Gradient Panel Zone Scale

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  1. Well, these PS extensions Zones&DB are extremely useful to any BW enthusiast. Zones particularly impressive as it insures you have distinct zones represented…I love it. I know exactly where I need to go and what regions run into each other without proper separation that need manipulation.

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