Doncaster 1900’s by Luke Bagshaw

Luke Bagshaw was a talented portrait photographer from Doncaster. His studio, Bagshaw and Son, was set up in 1897. Bagshaw’s photography became popular across the town, and they eventually moved to a larger space on St. Sepulchre Gate. He worked there until his death in 1944, but his studio stayed open until the 1960s.

Most of Bagshaw’s work was studio portraits, but he also took outdoor photos of weddings and events across the town. Wealthier clients – such as the Battie-Wrightsons of Cusworth Hall – had their family events, houses and parks photographed at home.

Luke Bagshaw’s work captured an amazing period of Doncaster’s history and people, which saw the region transformed from a country town into a thriving urban area.

Luke Bagshaw Doncaster Photographer 1900