Hard Drive PCB

Over the years, I have accumulated quite a few computer SATA and IDE Hard drives so now is the time to start and get rid of some of the older ones.

As I was about to dismantle this Maxtor 300GB Drive and put it through the crusher, I decided I wanted to make a photograph of the PCB on 5×4 film just for keep sake more than anything.

I chose some Ilford FP4 and decided to make things easy and develop it in Diafine for 4 minutes.

I know from previous testing that the ISO for this film in my workflow is about 80 and according to the Diafine data sheet, they suggest 200 ISO when using sheet film for FP4 but in my eyes, I wanted to make sure I had enough density in the lower end so 80 ISO is what I chose.

  • Camera: Chamonix 045N
  • Film: Ilford FP4
  • Developer: Diafine (2 bath)
  • Scanned using: Epson V800
Hard Drive PCB
Behind The Scenes
Hard Drive PCB RAW Scan
Vuescan Linear RAW Scan
Hard Drive PCB Close Up 5x4 Ilford FP4
Converted With ColorPerfect

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