Ilford FP4 Extended Minimal Agitation

These development times are based on the Extended Minimal Agitation routine using Pyrocat-HD developer.
Using the Extended Minimal Agitation routine can  give you excellent results and in some cases you will see enhanced mid-tone contrast.

The following times and agitation schemes are based on Ilford FP4 sheet film using 500ml of working solution at a working temperature of 21 degrees centigrade (70°F)

Pre Soak
It is recommended that you first pre-soak the film in clean water for around 3 – 5 minutes.

DevABAgitate ToRest ToAgitate ToRest ToAgitate ToRestTotal Time
N322:009:309:5017:0017:20Rest To End24:307.5x3(20)
N + 1322:0012:3012:5023:0023:20Rest To End33:3010.5x3(20)
N + 23.52.53:0015:0015:2527:3027:55Rest To End39:0012x3(25)
N + 33.52.53:0021:0021:3039:3040:00Rest To End57:0018x3(30)
N + 4435:0020:0020:4035:4036:20Rest To End50:0015x3(40)
N - 1322:008:308:5015:0015:20Rest To End21:306.5x3(20)
N - 2321:306:306:5011:5012:10Rest To End16:305x3(20)
N - 32.521:309:309:4517:5018:05Rest To End25:308x3(15)
N - 42.521:308:008:1514:4515:00Rest To End21:006.5x3(15)
N - 52.521:256:306:4012:0512:15Rest To End17:005.25x3(10)
N - 62.521:255:305:4010:0510:15Rest To End15:154.5x3(10)