Luminosity Blend Mode

When it comes to increasing or decreasing contrast within an image in Photoshop, the first tool I head for is Curves. I find that using the Curves tool in Photoshop allows me very fine control as I can place many point along the curve and manipulate them in any way I like.

One thing to be aware of when adjust contrast on a colour image with a tool such as curves is that the saturation of the colours can change as you make changes to the image contrast.

Photoshop Contrast Luminosity

In the above image of Death Valley in the USA, I am going to add a curves adjustment layer and create a traditional “S” curve to increase contrast

We have indeed increased the contrast of the image but if you look closely, you will also notice that the overall saturation of the colours have also been increased.

Luminosity Blend Mode
If we only need to increase the contrast without affecting the saturation, then we can achieve this this by changing the Curves Layer Blend  Mode from “Normal” to “Luminosity

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  1. I have known and worked with Ian for many years , his knowledge on Photoshop editing is second to none, many of these so called 100k + YouTube Photographers who are addicted to The Sliders would do well to watch Ians YouTube site and learn to edit their images properly instead of showing the masses how to produce Narnia looking Images!
    Ians Black and White work is top class.

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