Old Photos of Doncaster

As a person who has lived in Doncaster all their life and is a photographer who specialises in black and white , I have always been facinated by old photos of Doncaster.

During the early 1900’s, there were two main local photographers in Doncaster, Luke Bagshaw and Edgar Leonard Scrivens who dedicated a lot of their time to making photographs of the surrounding areas of Doncaster. Edgar Leonard Scrivens was popular for making his Doncaster Photographs into post cards.

As I look at what are now old photos of Doncaster, I am intrigued to see how much of it has changed over the years.

Old Photos of DoncasterDuring the early 1900’s when Doncaster was undergoing some major changes mainly the widening of the roads and the construction of the North Bridge, Luke Bagshaw was commissioned to document this using his plate camera.

Most of his plate negatives still survive today and as far as I am aware are held in the Doncaster Archives at King Edward Road Balby Doncaster.

I was fortunate some time ago to get access to a selection of high resolutions digital scans of the original plate negatives. After spending some time cleaning them up I have now made them them available for sale as individual prints which are roughly 10×8 inches in size.

Old Photos of Doncaster

Old Photos Of Doncaster FAQ

The photographer who made these old photos of Doncaster was Luke Bagshaw. He had a large studio and shop at 150-152 St. Sepulchre Gate Doncaster.

It is of my understanding that the majority of the original glass plate negatives of the old photos of Doncaster are held by Doncaster Heritage.

I have a small collection of digital prints of the old photos of Doncaster which were made from scans of the original glass plates. Old Photos Of Doncaster
Depending on the quality of the negatives whether these are glass plate negatives or traditional film negatives, I have the ability to produce a digital file from them. Please Contact Ian Barber Photography if you require more information.

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