Paper Grey Curves Dashboard

The Paper Grey Curves Dashboard is a Photoshop extension panel which is an add-on to the Paper Grey Curves Program.

The extension panel conviently puts everything in one container allowing quick access to the tool required for making the paper grey curves for black and white printing. 

Paper Grey Curves Dashboard

Excel & Apple Numbers Spreadsheets

To keep everything in one place, both the Excel and Apple Numbers spreadsheet templates can be accessed directly from the Dashboard.

Simply choose the version you are using from the drop down list and it will open the paper grey curves template spreadsheet for you.

Now Accepts Scanned Step Wedge

In order to make the final correction curve for black and white printing, we have to measures the values of the supplied printed step wedge. Usually we use devices such as the DataColor SpyderPrint or an Eye 1Pro device.

With the Paper Grey Curves Dashboard, we can now scan the printed step wedge and the Dashboard will automatically generate the numbers for you to input directly into one of the two included spreadsheets.


The Dashboard Panel is an Add-On to the Paper Grey Curves program and therefore a fully registered version of the Paper Greys Program must already be installed.

The Dashboard extension panel will only work in Photoshop versions CC and above and will not work in Photoshop CS6.

Both Windows and Mac operating systems supported.

The following two videos show an introduction to the Dashboard Panel and also how we can scan the printed step wedge. Both videos are avail to watch in 4K but require a browser cable of showing 4K such as Google Chrome.

Paper Grey Curves Dashboard Introduction

Scanning The Step Wedge

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