Photoshop 2021 Luminosity Masks

Quick Mask is a Luminosity Mask Photoshop 2021 Plugin designed to quickly help you create Luminosity Masks on the photograph you are editing.

Quick Mask has been designed with the aim to allow the end user to focus on what the panel was designed to do which is create targeted and seamless self feathering 16 Bit Luminosity Masks.

What Are Luminosity Masks
Luminosity Masks are selections based on tone and brightness which make it possible to only target specific brightness values of the image. These selections are soft feathering and  primarily target only the bright, mid-tones or dark values. 

Luminosity Masks Are Important.
Good image editing is all about local adjustments, applying the right amount in the right place without affecting the entire image. This is how professional looking images are edited and its how you should be thinking about editing your own images.

Quick Mask Interface

Photoshop Luminosity Masks

One Click Masks

Creating conventional luminosity masks in Photoshop can be time consuming. QuickMask creates the chosen mask from a single button.

16 Bit Masks

The QuickMask panel creates 16 bit luminosity masks ensuring that you always get the best transition between the selection of tones.

No Actions

All the functionality of the QuickMask Luminosity Masks are built right into the panel. No need for additional actions to be installed.

Luminosity Masks Photoshop Plugin

Faster Photoshop Workflow

Creating luminosity masks manually by expanding and subtracting selections is time consuming and cumbersome which can slow you down. QuickMask does this for you leaving plenty of time to concentrate on creating an image which matches your vision.

Quick Mask Requirements

  1. Photoshop 2021 and above
  2. Windows or Mac

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