Inkjet Paper Black and White Points

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Have you ever made a black and white print that looks great on screen but yet when examined under a good light source, you suddenly become disappointed when the deep shadows appear to have merged into a black blob and those beautiful highlights become part of the paper base colour?

For those that do their own printing if they are honest will be nodding their head at this point, and probably reflecting on all the wasted paper and ink they have used trying to get the final print to look something like they want.

In this eBook document, I am going to explain how you can check your final edit to get a pretty good idea as to how it will print on a particular paper before actually pressing the print button.

Part of the document explains using different adjustment layers at the end of the process to check and map both the black and white points.

As an added bonus, I have included a set of actions which will build the necessary adjustment layers for you and also a printable test target for you to print and use to determine the low and high values of a chosen paper stock.


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