Pyrocat HD Stand Development

Over the years, I have tried different developers which claim to give good results when used in a stand or semi stand situation. 

For me, I personally find that Pyrocat HD has to be my favourite of them all.

Using this kind of development can offer good compensating effects, retaining highlight detail that would normally have burnt out. If done right you will also see that both the edge effects and acutance are often enhanced.

When Do I Use Stand Development

If I am making exposures in a scene which has a wide subject brightness range with deep shadows and bright highlights and both ends of the scale are important, then I will turn to stand development as I know that I have a better change of compressing those highlights due to the compensating effect of the Pyrocat HD developer.

Pyrocat HD Stand Development Procedure

I usually rate the film at half its rated ISO to ensure that I get good shadow detail. Shadow detail is obtained by exposure and not development so it is important to make sure you give enough exposure.

I then place the film in the developing tank and pour in the Pyrocat-HD diluted at 2+2+500. 

  • For 35mm film I use 2ml Pyrocat A + 2ml of Pyrocat B and 397ml of water.
  • For 5×4 sheet film I use 2ml Pyrocat A + 2ml of Pyrocat B and 496ml of water.

Agitate for the first minute and then for 10 seconds every 10 minutes for a total of 45 minutes at 20 deg centigrade.

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