Shadow Highlight Clipping

Photoshop Shadow Highlight Clipping

The Shadow Highlight Clipping Plugin is one of the first Photoshop UXP plugins I have created to work with Photoshop 2021 and above and is compatible with both Windows and MAC.

What Does It Do
The Shadow Highlight Clipping Plugin creates a new layer group which sits at the top of the Photoshop layer stack and shows you whether you are clipping the highlights or shadows during your editing workflow similar to that shown in Adobe camera RAW and Adobe Lightroom.

By default, the plugin checks to see whether the active document is in (RGB or GreyScale) and creates a layer group based on the results.

Installing The Plugin

Photoshop UXP Icon

Close Photoshop if it is open. After the plugin has been downloaded, unzip it and then double click on the CCX Icon. This will open your Creative Cloud dashboard.

The first screen will tell you that the plugin could not be verified. This just means that I have not made it public in the Adobe market place. press the Install Locally button.


The next screen is asking to confirm that you want to install the plugin. press the OK button.

Installing UXP Plugin Confirm

Open Photoshop and from the top menu, choose Plugins – Plugins Panel and you now have access to the plugin. This Plugin Panel is the New dashboard which will contain all the new Photoshop UXP plugins.

Using The Plugin

The following short video demonstrates how to use the shadow highlight clipping plugin inside of Photoshop 2021

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  1. I have try to intall my ccx plugin but she I double click on the ccx fill it open in a dob creative cloud but when it open it tells me that I do have a and app to allow me install that extension so please help me out

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