Whitby August 2018

Whitby in North Yorkshire is probably one of my favorite places on the East Coast when it comes to photography.

Whitby has a lot of history, the Abbey itself dates back to around the 7th-century. Photographically, I find Whitby appealing for Black and White, a medium which I more or less exclusively work in for my own personal work.

As a general rule, going to Whitby in August for me is a no go area, the amount of traffic getting there can be grid locked for miles and usually, the place is heaving with holiday makers which makes it even more awkward for me to get a clear composition.

Whitby Day Trip August 2018

I had to make a trip to Sandsend about a mile up the coast from Whitby to see someone so on the way home, I decided to spend an hour scouting for some new ideas for a project I shall be starting in October.

As predicted, the roads leading into Whitby were very busy, nearly every car park was full and the street were heaving with people.

I soon realised the the planned stay for a few hours was a little optimistic so having paid for only 60 minutes parking, I only manage to expose a few negatives on this day.

The first photograph I made was using the 5×4 large format camera and Ilford FP4 Film. I liked how the composition included both the East and West Pier along with the church and Abbey in the distance.

Whitby Piers
Whitby Piers 5x4 Camera

The following two photographs were made with the Mamiya 1960’s medium Format 6×6 camera. The film was Ilford FP4 and I chose to use the 135mm lens to bring the subject closer.

Whitby North Yorkshire
Whitby Mamiya C220
Whitby North Yorkshire
Whitby Mamiya C220

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